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  • SX-P13W 3014-66SMD LED Fog lamp
  • SX-P13W 3014-66SMD LED Fog lamp
  • SX-P13W 3014-66SMD LED Fog lamp
SX-P13W 3014-66SMD LED Fog lampSX-P13W 3014-66SMD LED Fog lampSX-P13W 3014-66SMD LED Fog lamp

SX-P13W 3014-66SMD LED Fog lamp

  • Model:SX-P13W 3014-66SMD
  • Usage:Fog lamp
  • Luminous flux:820lm
  • Base:P13W
  • Product description: 2 years of quality warranty. Two different light emitting colors, you can achieve a variety of different customization options. Lighting is good, can realize non selective lighting.

-Product features:

This beam of light is designed to cut through the fog so that it can give you a much better visibility in the dark. As LED technology is revolution the lighting market, the LED light is definitely a good choice for you. It is always a great investment to have a power-saving LED Light Bulb for your car. This energy-saving LED Car Light features high brightness, low power consumption, long service life, anti-dust and anti-collision. It is safe and reliable, a perfect eco-solution. Do not miss this light when looking for LED car light to decorate your car.

-Product parameters:

Model SX-P13W 3014-66SMD
Nominal wattage 60W
Nominal voltage DC12-24V
Luminous flux 820lm
Color temperature 6000k
Usage Fog lamp
Base P13W

Three dimensional design

Use 360°+180° Three dimensional design, Three dimensional heat dissipation, Three-dimensional light source.

High performance LED chips

Using high quality LED chips, high brightness, low calorific value, stable performance, more energy saving.

Aviation aluminum radiator

Using high quality aluminum alloy, to ensure tability work of chips, good heat dissipation efficiency, prolong the service life of the chips.

Intelligent constant current IC power supply

Intelligent control IC, to ensure that the current is stable, with overload protection, increase of service life.

International standard plug P13W

Using the international standard plug, do not need to change the car's circuit, plug and play, easy to install.

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