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Present situation and development of automotive lighting technology

Automotive lighting technology is faster than the overall development of automotive technology. Far not said that the said light source part of it, 10 years ago when halogen lamp era, even the xenon lamp is very rare. In just 10 years, we have witnessed a large number of xenon lights, and witnessed the birth and spread of LED lighting technology - now even a lot of about 100000 yuan of household cars are used on this technology. Before we react, laser lighting technology has emerged, and began to emerge in some luxury cars. It can be predicted, and the current LED, and now it seems that the laser lighting technology will soon fly into ordinary people's home".
In addition to the rapid increase in light source technology, the various intelligent technology is also related to the rapid development of lighting. Ford, for example, is currently in its products has been due to the innovative lighting system:
With the move to function LED front headlight system
The system integrates the simulated sunlight brightness of all LED headlights and adaptive headlight system, according to the headlight beam angle and intensity of regulation in different driving conditions, according to vehicle speed and ambient lighting conditions, the steering angle, distance with the vehicle in front and the rain wiper activation etc., the system can from seven different lighting modes to choose the most appropriate and with switching.
Glare-Free anti glare headlight system LED
The system is able to capture up to the front, to the vehicle information, and in the monitoring to to to to the car, it can automatically reduce the brightness of the lighting angle corresponding to avoid glare according to cause a sense of vertigo, while retaining the other angles of illumination intensity on has always been the car driver.
The high beam headlight automatic induction control system
The system is able to capture up to the front, to the vehicle information and in monitoring to on to the car, the system will automatically tune into Jinguang lighting mode, when the passing vehicle monitoring, automatically adjust the back far light illumination mode.
Potential risks for future systems
In addition, Ford is developing an advanced intelligent lighting technology, allowing the driver to people driving at night, especially when driving on the road without street lighting, easier to identify in front of the vehicle pedestrian, rider and error into the lane animals potential collision risk.
The advanced front headlight intelligent lighting system is an integration of on-board imaging technology, vehicles through the intersection and roundabout junctions, automatically expand the lighting angle of the headlight to better illuminate the direction outside the surrounding environment that helps the driver more timely detection of potential danger. New laser intelligent lighting technology can help drive timely found in front of the vehicle driving on the road or street pedestrians, cyclists, and even large animals.
This on-board imaging technology as the basis of advanced intelligent lighting system before Ford adaptive headlight system and traffic sign recognition system is developed based on, can effectively improve the driver in the visible range of Huandao Road, parking, so that line, and other sections of the. Adaptive front headlight system and traffic signs recognition system has been applied in a variety of Ford models.
At the same time, the system can also use the data information of GPS system in turn and downhill sections for vehicles to provide better lighting effect; and when GPS information is not available, use installed in the car after the bottom of the back side of the mirror is a forward-looking camera to identify the Lane Lane, predict the path toward and adjust lighting the way, provides a more thorough and effective road lighting solutions for the driver. The technology in the future will be further developed and forward-looking camera captures data information can be stored in the vehicle navigation system. When the driver again running through the same road, the system will be able to according to the road data storage to automatically adjust to the most appropriate way of lighting.
At present, Ford engineers located in Aachen, Germany, is a preliminary development of intelligent lighting technology. An infrared imaging device installed at the forward air grille can be used to detect up to 8 biometric information in a 120 meter range by means of a heat source location, including a pedestrian or a large animal, such as a large dog. At the same time, system but also from screening in the two highest risk factor of organism, and through installation in fog lights on both sides of the special LED light source, casting a spotlight beam and pavement band point to organisms, at the same time, the biological information will display on the control display. According to the near far situation and risk grade, through the red border or yellow border to the driver warning.


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